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Software Testing Training

Infocus Technologies provides Authorized Education Programs of QAI Global Institute. QAI is a global consulting and workforce development organization addressing 'Operational Excellence' in IT, BPO and knowledge intensive service organizations. QAI Global Institute, the Competency Development division of QAI, focuses on creating international Education and Training products and services to address the Competence Development, Assessments and Certifications to cater to the large pool of manpower requiring skills for improved employability.
Infocus offers a bouquet of Career Enabling programs to industry hopefuls and also professionals who are working in fast growing Software Testing industry. While the fast track Certificate Program in Software Testing and a robust Diploma in Software Testing program helps the students prepare for a rewarding career in Software Testing, the CAST, CSTE and CMST certification programs help the professionals in attaining a formal recognition of their level of proficiency in the information technology (IT) quality assurance industry. These certifications also help the professionals achieve potentially more rapid career advancement, and gain greater acceptance in the role as advisor to management.

The list of courses offered are:

Career Programs

Certificate Program in Software Testing | Diploma in Software Testing

Certification Preparatory Programs

Certified Associate in Software Testing [CAST] | Certified Software Tester [CSTE]
Certified Manager of Software Testing [CMST]

Certification Offerings

Certified Associate in Software Testing (CAST)
- A Foundation Level Certification of Software Testers, Software Developers,
  System Analysts and fresh engineering graduates.
- Demonstrates an understanding of Testing principles and practices.
- Suitable for fresh engineers interested in marketing a career Testing
Certified Software Tester (CSTE)
- A Practitioner level Certification for Test engineer, Test Architects, Design
  Analysts and Test Leads.
- Demonstrates a professional competency for practice of Quality Control
  and Testing
Certified Manager of Software Testing (CMST)
- A Managerial Level Certification for test managers, Test Leads, Architects and project Managers.
- Demonstrates capabilities to practice and manage the Software Testing function.
- Suitable for existing and to-be managers in the Software Testing function.
CAST, CSTE and CMST Certifications are owned by Software Certifications and are proudly administered by QAI.